Lake Superior

First insect of the trip, really cute isn't he (115kb) Shipwreck at Hurricane River (140kb) Shipwreck at Hurricane River 2 (152kb) Hurricane River  (230kb) Hurricane River campsite #7 (272kb)
Grand Marias Kayak outing (172kb) Winston in Grand Marais' Bay (184kb) Swimming (149kb) Playing with angles (125kb) Swimming (140kb)
Sandhill Cranes (305kb) Sandhill Cranes Flying (48kb) Castle Rock with Lake Superior in the background and Grand Island (157kb) Different view of Castle Rock or is it the Carribean? (109kb) Beautiful diving area off of Castle Rock (204kb)
Smiling (108kb) Grand Island (129kb) Grand Island again (81kb) The rock he has to look for next time at Williams Landing (82kb) Beach all to ourselves on Grand Island (186kb)
Clear here and foggy over there (159kb) Finally after 30 miles of this paved road (224kb)