I started to photograph the Preußenstraße, a street perpendicular to our Rosestraße, just up the street from us, on a swell day last October. Then it seemed a good idea a bit later to try again, and then that idea occurred again, after all how would it look covered wiht snow, etc., and so a sort of obsession got started.

The order is not perfect, that is not according to date of picture. With few exceptions, the date is part of the name of the image. In some cases, I was experimenting with camera settings -- also see the examples I made for that, but all on one day. The light etc. affects how the special setting behave of course, this is just a simple sample.

I had figured no one would notice me; after all I just walk a few hundred yards to the corner of Rosestraße and Preußenstraße and take a few photos and return. But that is not the case. I was asked if I were from the "Press", anothe neighbor asked if it might not be possible to get a print or so -- which was honored. My dentist has also inquired as to what I am up to?

March 20th, 2013

Many views of Preußenstraße

I call this Preußenstraße at noon. It really was noon. 2012-11-26

This was really cloudy and dark and depressing. 2012-11-30
Preussenstrasse-bleary day-C-sc.JPG

Just a another gloomy day. It seemed a very gloomy year's end, but actually one can see that there were bright sunny days in between. This photo is from 2012-12-04

I used the flash and the camera did the rest. Learning to use such a camera is not trivial! Was my Mamiya easier or was it almost 40 years of practice? 2012-12-06

Another Preußenstraße at night, but this time with snow! 2012-12-06

Again about noon time, not the shadows run down the street and the snow in contrast to the deep blue sky. 2012-12-07

This is morning, but not early morning. The snow is much heavier, but not on the branches of the tree etc. 2012-12-12

Early afternoon. Not the length of the shadows. This was just a few days after Christmas, the snow was completely melted and the day was fairly warm. 2012-12-28

Again a gloomy day. I missed the first part of the year due to an case of the flue. On this day Barbara helped me carry the camera etc. This was early afternoon. 2013-01-11

Again snow. Indeed it was snowing as I took this. This was later in the afternoon. 2013-01-21

It had snowed most of the night. 2013-01-23

This is in spite of the brightness fairly late in the afternoon. See the angle of the shadows. Note too our neighbor walking his dog. 2013-01-25

Preußenstraße 2013-02-05 Camera set to Dark.

Preußenstraße 2013-02-05 Camera set to Monochrome Red

Preußenstraße 2013-02-05 Camera set to Vivid,

Preußenstraße 2013-02-05 Camera set to Warm. Nice friendly colors.

Preußenstraße 2013-02-05 Camera set to Intense, too much contrast, sun not bright enough this day.

Preußenstraße 2013-03-10 Camera set to Vivid, but a grey day.

Preußenstraße 2013-03-12 Camera set to bright.

Preußenstraße 2013-03-12 Camera set to bright. But one step more than the previous.

Preußenstraße 2013-03-12 Camera set to intense, but on a dark day, this is really to contrasty,

Preußenstraße 2013-03-12 Camera set to vivid, but on a dark day, this is also a bit to contrasty,

Preußenstraße 2013-03-12 Camera set to vivid but one step more than the previous image.

Preußenstraße 2013-03-13 Camera set to vivid note how swell this is in comparison to vivid on on a grey day.

Preußenstraße 2013-03-15 Camera set to Brighter with step II. We waited for such a day with snow in the trees.

Preußenstraße 2013-03-15 Camera set to Vivid. We waited for such a day with snow in the trees.