Across America at 70 mph

First Photo of Trip

and glad to be rid of the snow

Getting ready to enter Missouri

Third State of the Day

Mississippi Bridge

coming up

Check out that Barge,

Watch the road

Ahh, the beautiful Ozarks,

Now the hills and wind combine

Cheapest Gas on the Trip

Kum and Go

The sun is setting and I'm getting

very very tired, been up 36hrs.

I really liked the lights.

Now, can I stay awake

Recent Ice Storm Damage

Temperature 8

Too bad this wasn't at night

The lights would be pretty

I'll have to come here some

day to check out the museum

Route 66

Very nice!!

Yee Haw!!!

Flat Texas

Altima, you are in the

way of the photo

I'm heading West not up,

at least not yet.

Some pretty snow, temp still in the 20's

Nice bridge, I like bridges, they can be groovy

I loved the sun setting here

Colorado River Toad, anyone, anywhere?

Took this for my son, he loves trains.

California Happy Cows, happy my (#&*!

Still unhappy, where is the big green field

Another sun setting behind the clouds.

The beginning of the first of three storms.

More of those clouds, this one looks like an eagle.

Another train for my son

Big Rig and Trailer!

Pink Panther

Very difficult to take at 70

Continental Divide at 70

St. Louis Arch, nice

Mississippi again, groan.

Hey look five 8's