Dr. James M. Emory, Arkansas


Edith M. Ochs

My interpertation of all this.

First this note is quite different from what Dad wrote, but he was noting things written down after twenty years and futher, I figure that perhaps Bapa did not have that much contact with the Emorys. Note however, that Huston Emory did actually visit. (also see Dad's note to us. There he wrote that the Emorys came from Cheshire England and were of Irish descent. However, he did mention Dr. James Emory, but not further back. There are for me some confusing things. Dad wrote a note in which he said Bapa was raised with a great uncle and aunt. This would have been Franklin London Emory. Thus Walter Huston Emory was Bapa's cousin. But, in his letter to his Aunt Jeanie Bapa wrote that since they had been raised together, she seemed more a sister than a aunt. Also he mentioned Amzire, Charlie and Emmet seemed more like brothers. I can recall that he told me he lived with relatives in Missippi. However, the Emorys lived in Arkansas, where Bapa was born and his father and mother lived -- until he was about 5.

Now, as I know Bapa, I would suggest that such gossip, which I frankly love, was much below him. He never, in my opinion would pass such on. Thus, it is up in the air, assuming that the note contains the truth, whehter or not Bapa knew it.

Interesting is the fact that in her first note, Ms. Ochs has correct data on our Great Grandfather and has all the family names for our great Grandmother.

I tried to confirm this, and found that the two Manley brothers, Francis Perry Manley and Franklin C. Manley are listed in the Wabash County census but I could find to reference to a James Emroy Manley. Both Francis and Franlin were listed as being born in Ohio! Also Francis was listed as an MD and Franklin as printer! I also checked the Ohio census and found that in Hopewell Townsip, Muskingum County, Ohio, 1830 Manleys were there (James and Jesse, Jessy L. and Robert). But even more interesting, Benjamin was in Zanesville Township, Muskingum County in 1830! Benjamin Manley and William Manley were present. Unfotunatly, the Ohio census gives no data other than a name. And I have the feeling that women were not always mentioned. (I have borrowed these from RootsWeb and only did this to put marks for the Manleys)

Also see the data from Philiippi Cemetry in Hot Springs. Here are some views of his grave stone: The best view, another view, and a closeup. I have taken these from the Phillippi cemetry website. Thank you to whoever put them there!

Note too that his birth place is Muskingum County!

Notice then that all of this data fits with what Ms. Ochs writes!

I have formated this to make it "easier" to read. Here is the source: To find it search for "Ochs"

The note from E. Ochs, 2005

Dr. James M. Emory and his wife Margaret Ann (Coffman), from Hot Spring County Arkansas had the following children:

Dr. Emory married 2nd Ellen Caroline Davis, no children.

He received a pension for service in the Civil War as an "artificer" (basically a mechanic). When he enlisted in the war he gave entirely accurate information about himself except for two things: his profession as a physician, and his NAME, which was actually James Emory MANLEY. Dr. "Emory" made a deathbed confession that he had killed a man (in self defense it would seem, because the same man had nearly killed him earlier in the day), and had run from Wabash Co. Illinois to St. Louis Missouri and joined the army under the name Emory instead of Manley. If you need more information about this scalawag gg-grandfather of mine I'm posting a more detailed message on the Manley forum.

The souce is:

Dr. James Emory Manley was the son of Benjamin F. Manley and Juliana Ford. I think Juliana's father's name was Jeremiah, and that she also had a brother with that name. Benjamin Manley b. abt. 1792 in either Vermont or Massachusetts, depending on the census, had a brother Spencer b. abt 1797 in Massachusetts. Benjamin and Juliana had at least three children:

James Emory Manley, b. 1 Mar. 1832, Muskingum Co., Ohio, d. 18 May 1907 in Valley, Hot Spring Co., Arkansas,

HOWEVER; from Feb. 1864, when he enlisted in the army, until his death in 1907, he switched his middle and last names and called himself James M. Emory. While working as a physician in Edwards Co., IL he killed a man during an altercation. He made a deathbed confession to his family admitting to the killing, but claiming self-defense. According to him, earlier in the day he had tried to stop a "bully" from beating up on an old man, and the "bully" had hit him in the head with a brick and left him for dead in his office. (His physical description on his pension application would support this claim because he had an indented, scarred, area on his forehead.) One of his woman patients found him, tended his wound and "brought him back to his senses." Meanwhile, back at the saloon, the "bully" is bragging about killing the doctor. "Ah, no," says another patron, "I just saw the doctor through the window of his office, alive and well." The "bully," now determined to finish the job, heads back toward the doctor's office. Dr. (Emory) Manley who has been warned by the woman patient who is still in the office and sees the "bully" coming, reaches above the door where he keeps his 30-30 Winchester, and shouts at him to stop. He kept coming, so the doctor raised the rifle and "blew off the side of his head. The bully fell dead at the drip of the house." He then rode all night until he found a place that boarded strangers, and stayed there until he had healed enough to join the army in St. Louis.

I'd love to find out more about James' parents and siblings, if anyone knows anything. His brother Francis (Perry) was also a doctor, and Franklin was owner/editor of a newspaper in Edwards Co., IL.

Various versions of the family tree

J Heard
1 J. K EMORY b: 01 MAR 1832 d: 18 MAY 1907
  + Margaret Ann COFFMAN
    2 James K. EMORY b: 09 SEP 1875 d: 05 FEB 1942
      + Arminda TERRY b: 05 JUL 1881 d: 04 AUG 1953
        3 Odis EMORY b: 23 DEC 1905 d: 23 APR 1975
          + Carrie SHUFFIELD b: 31 MAR 1907 d: 18 APR 1988
      + Mary Arbell PITTS b: 25 AUG 1877 d: JUN 1899
  + Ella Caroline DAVIS b: 04 JAN 1846 d: 02 JAN 1917

Nancy Clark 1 James EMORY b: ABT. 1839 + ? ? b: ABT. 1841 2 Franklin London EMORY b: ABT. 1862 + Mary Emily HENDERSON b: ABT. 1864 3 Permitne Elvina EMORY b: ABT. 1885 d: 15 JUN 1919 + Albert Lee DIFFEE b: 4 APR 1887 d: 12 MAR 1959 4 Minnie DIFFEE b: ABT. 1906 4 Dorothy DIFFEE b: ABT. 1907 d: NOV 1918 4 Otto DIFFEE b: ABT. 1908 4 Selvey DIFFEE b: ABT. 1909 4 Roy DIFFEE b: 1914 d: 1918 3 Walter Houston EMORY b: ABT. 1886 + Bertha KIZEOR b: ABT. 1888 3 Elizabeth Ann EMORY b: ABT. 1887 d: WFT Est. 1874-1987 3 James Franklin EMORY b: ABT. 1888 d: WFT Est. 1895-1984 + Rhoda KIZEOR b: ABT. 1890 3 Chiefton EMORY b: ABT. 1889 d: WFT Est. 1895-1984 + Demie MCGUIRE b: ABT. 1891 3 Isabelle EMORY b: ABT. 1890 + Emmett LOUTON b: ABT. 1888 3 Etta Alberta EMORY b: ABT. 1891 d: WFT Est. 1874-1987 3 Oda EMORY b: ABT. 1892 + Hazel ? b: ABT. 1894 2 James EMORY b: ABT. 1863 d: WFT Est. 1839-1956 2 Chiefton EMORY b: ABT. 1864 d: WFT Est. 1839-1956 2 Houston EMORY b: ABT. 1865 d: WFT Est. 1839-1956 2 Liza Jane EMORY b: ABT. 1866 d: WFT Est. 1837-1958 2 Alice EMORY b: ABT. 1867 d: WFT Est. 1837-1958Our greatgrand mother 2 Frances EMORY b: ABT. 1868 d: WFT Est. 1837-1958

Roy Polk 1 James EMORY 2 Franklin London EMORY + Mary Emily Emma HENDERSON b: 1871 3 Permintary Elvina EMORY b: 1893 d: 15 Jun 1919 + Albert Lee DIFFEE b: 4 Apr 1887 d: 12 Mar 1959 4 Minnie DIFFEE 4 Dorothy DIFFEE d: Nov 1918 4 Otto DIFFEE 4 Selvey DIFFEE 4 Roy DIFFEE b: 1914 d: 1918 3 Walter Houston EMORY + Bertha KIZER 3 Elizabeth Ann EMORY 3 James Franklin "Frank" EMORY b: 26 Apr 1890 d: 28 Jan 1960 + Rhoda Effie Bell KIZER b: 6 Apr 1894 d: 17 Jun 1986 4 Emma "Estelle" EMORY b: 3 Sep 1915 + Roy Paul PICKERING b: 1 Mar 1918 d: 20 Sep 1986 5 Living PICKERING + Donald Lee DORIS b: 21 Aug 1940 d: 13 Dec 1999 6 Living DORIS + Living LANGSTON 6 Living DORIS + Living MCKINNEY 6 Living DORIS + Living AKIN + Living UNKNOWN + Living PIKE 5 Living PICKERING + Living WILSON 5 Living PICKERING + Living SCOTT 4 Lavina EMORY b: Abt Nov 1918 4 Mildred Inez EMORY + Harvell Oren GIBSON b: 3 Mar 1925 d: 2 Nov 1986 5 Living GIBSON + Living HARTMAN 6 Living GIBSON 6 Living GIBSON 5 Living GIBSON + Living WILLIS 6 Living GIBSON 6 Living GIBSON 6 Living GIBSON 5 Living GIBSON + Living FOSTER 6 Living GIBSON + Sharon TAYS d: 23 Feb 1978 5 Living GIBSON + Living MOTHERSHED 6 Living MOTHERSHED 5 Living GIBSON + Living HENDERSON 6 Living GIBSON 6 Living GIBSON 3 Henry Chiefton EMORY + Demie MCGUIRE 3 Ella Isabelle EMORY + Emmett LOUTON 3 Etta Alberta EMORY 3 Oda Otto EMORY + Hazel UNKNOWN 2 James EMORY 2 Chiefton EMORY 2 Houston EMORY 2 Liza Jane EMORY 2 Alice EMORY Our great grand mother 2 Frances EMORY

Charles Sprague 1 James EMORY 2 Franklin London EMORY + Mary Emily HENDERSON 3 Permitne Elvina EMORY d: 15 Jun 1919 + Albert Lee DIFFEE b: 4 Apr 1887 d: 12 Mar 1959 4 Minnie DIFFEE 4 Dorothy DIFFEE d: Nov 1918 4 Otto DIFFEE 4 Selvey DIFFEE 4 Roy DIFFEE b: 1914 d: 1918 3 Walter Houston EMORY + Bertha KIZEOR 3 Elizabeth Ann EMORY 3 James Franklin EMORY + Rhoda KIZEOR 3 Chiefton EMORY + Demie MCGUIRE 3 Isabelle EMORY + Emmett LOUTON 3 Etta Alberta EMORY 3 Oda EMORY + Hazel _____(?) 2 James EMORY 2 Chiefton EMORY 2 Houston EMORY 2 Liza Jane EMORY 2 Alice EMORY Our great grand mother 2 Frances EMORY