Information about my, Thomas Louton, family up to about 1940, or until I was born.

I should I think state that I am handling this sort of family history, strictly from my eyes, and I make no effort to create a "birds’s eye view". After all where should one start? I chose to take the photos I have and just build from that. Angst und Bange ist mir der Gedanke an die letzten Jahren, wo ich zu viele Bilder habe.

Since I have so few photos from this early period, more than before 1920, but still not really a lot. Also, I seem to have almost non from my mother’s side. My mother, Mary Jane Louton, was born on July 4th1911 in Orange City, Florida. So here are photos of various topics from the past of my family. For lack of a better ordering, it is roughly chronological.

My Grandfather, Tom Louton, had a Ford Garage (Dealership) from the early 20s. I have no photos relating to this, but look at the check I found . This must have been a Christmas present. Dad was 13 then.

My Grandfather, Tom, was however involved in several activities among which were the Mohawk Country Club, a 27 hole golf course, which completely vanished via subdivisions in the 40s. The club house burned down the day it was to open! I am not now even sure where it was. We had two paintings (which thanks to the bank in Woodstock, were removed from the house, along with evethy thing not nailed down, and a grand piano, which John has carted around with himself all these years. The other activity I know of was the Fox Farm, where he with others raised silver Foxes for fur. One can see from the pictures that the fox farm was on Lee Street in Des Palaines,IL.

The board of directors of Mohawk CC

Here is my Grandfather, Tom Louton, swinging at a golf ball. I never knew him to play golf!

Here is a group photo, I presume of the directors.

My grandfather, Tom Louton, in my father′s Ford Roadster. I do not know who was with him.

Here are a few photos of or at the fox farm. I can well recall talking about this but do not recall ever visiting it. My grandfather must have sold it before I reached an age of memory, which in my case was not so young!

The note tells a bit.Here is just a photo which sort of shows that there were indeed foxes there. In effect I fear this is the only photo I have with the Fox Farm as such.

My Dad loved horse back riding. I guess Maybe he kept his horse at the Fox Farm.

Here is one of Dad′s best friends Bob Kennicott riding at the Fox Farm.

Here are some photos of my Dad, Kenneth Louton, before he started to study in Florida (Stetson University) and of my Aunt Joan Louton (later Chapen). I think Aunt Joan must have been born about 1930, but I just to not know. Sadly I have very few photos of this era.

Portrait of Ken Louton

Another portrait, earlier I think. Non has a date.

Here he is at bat, early 20s I guess.

Here with a friend on the front steps to somewhere.

This is a portrait of my aunt Joan, taken I guess in the early thirties.

I found this picture sort of as all others, by chance. I find the action packed nature of it great and one sees how straight in the saddle he sits. When I rode, my arms flapping like chicken wings and my hump back, was a definite disappointment to him, I am sure, but he aside from telling me futility to sit straight, never discouraged me.

Here are few photos from Des Plaines, where I was born and lived until I was 9, and even Florida in the early thirties. My father was an avid horse back rider (as could be seen above, perhaps) and he loved to play polo, not only that he also played football and was a very fast swimmer in high school, Main Township High.

This is the house my grandparents lived in before they moved to 900 Margret Street.

This is a photo of my dad, clearly in the north, but where and when?

My dad in his football uniform. I assume from high school.

This was in Florida, so he had started to study as Stetson U. Bus Burrows is on his shoulders. I enjoy the youthfulness and sense of fun.

Here is a photo of a friend, whom I never met. Turk Giana by name, in front of Main Township High, I assume.

I found this photo of Daytona Beach, which was in the long past, a sort of unpaved race track. The beach was flat and when wet but the tide out, a fairly hard surface.


My mom and dad met in Deland (where Stetson U is located). This photo is from October, 1935.

Here is photo of my dad with a deer, this must be in Deland, but of course, cannot be sure.

My folks had one really big friend in Deland, Willy Wilson (really Sumner Wilson). He wrote to his folks that he would room with a middle aged couple (mom and dad were ca 25 or 26 I guess. I met Willy only once or twice, and found him fascinating, maybe from the wonderful stories. I will try to write down what I can recall later. (sounds of Fermat?). This photo was taken at the Dock in Saugatuck, MI, I guess 1938/9. The telegraph is self explanatory. I guess Mom and Dad sent him the money. I have more on Willy.