Other Things in the Garden

This just lists other things in the garden. It is a bit, what should I say, not so honest, as several of the images were from other sources, but my photos.

Argiop, our spider in Illinois, but this is the first one I have seen in Berlin and this was in my garden in 2005. Lovely na?

Aren't the colors great! The butterfly was nearing the end. But still active. Does that say anything for us?

I am not sure where this took place, I think in the Foester garden in Potsdam, Bornim, worth a trip by the way.

When did I take this picture? Fall or Spring? But, it is somehow plastic and in someway fantastic.

The flower looks like a "Christblume", but I am not sure. This was most certainly in the Foerster Garden in Potsdam, Bornim.

I love this photo for the color. I also am very fond of Swiss Chard!