I have always liked reflections of various sorts. Also since I am the one who uses my camera, it is clear that this is a way to make a self-portrait.

In 1977 I noted a wonderful reflection in a rounded window in Edenburg, Scotland. It was sort of a panorama. I wanted Peter to stand in front of the window and pose. He was to put it mildly less than enthused. In the end after demanding of him: "Smile you little bastard!" I gave up and never took the picture.

I had just bought the flash. This is one of my first tries with it. This was about 1983, I guess. I still have the flash, an Agfa, but don't use it much, too weak. This was in our small, comfortable, but noisy flat in Düsseldorf.

About 1987 I was wandering on a Sunday afternoon in the Gräfestraße in Kreuzberg. The store was a sort of artist's supply, and the street was torn up with piles of big blocks behind me. I loved the coat I was wearing, but it had by then seen better days. A year later a cute young girl invited me to a Christmas dinner at the Church am Südstern. Barbara pointed out that this was because she figured I was a "Penner" and not for what I had hoped.

I loved to wander around Kreuzberg in those days. There was always something interesting to see and of course photograph.

It must have been around 2000, we were in the Tierpark, Berlin's second zoo. I love the "Tierpark", it has a large area, spacious pens for the animals, for example, Prizwalk horses or the two and half meter high donkeys from the Pyrenees. The is also a lovely collection of Togopan pheasants, and these were the first and only ones I have ever seen. I had a book by William Beebe "The Pheasants" when I was a child, and loved to look at the pictures, just fell in love with Togopans. There is also a nice collection of reptiles, especially snakes. Well, while wandering around, I believe we had just checked out the Trapp, a large turkey like bird from the steppes of Eastern Europe, when I came upon the Schuhschnabel. In any event, I noticed the reflection, the light was perfect, and I took a picture of him. He is no longer there.

In the fall (October) of 2002 on the way to Tokyo, Barbara and I met in Memphis to see old friends, and then drove to New Orleans to meet with Peter and Danielle. While wandering in the French Quarter I noticed the carousel horse in the window of a really run down shop. This was wonderful, with good light and swell color. Peter is viable also.

I fear that the store is no longer there!

On a business trip to Osaka and then Tokyo, I bought a new body for my camera, with a through the lens meter for flash. In the wonderful Yodoabashi store in Umeda I was able to get everything I needed. Then of course it needed to be tested. I did not go in and have a lunch, but really should have, as this soba is really wonderful and the entertainment I was offered was nice.

The end of April I took my last business trip to Osaka and while there went several times to kitashinchi (north new place) which is near doujima. This is right behind Umeda and in strong contrast the streets are narrow, houses or buildings low and some run down. It is filled with restaurants etc. There one morning heading to work after a cup of coffee at San Marco coffee house, which I sort of enjoyed, I came on this mirror. It makes me look more of a pear than I really am.

This is located in the "back yard" of the building in which Kurt works. This is a an n-gon (I don't know how many sides, each is a triangle. In side it seems old and is the style of a shrine, as one would see in a village. Here is a view of its setting or with bicycles

A second view of the shrine and again I am reflected in one of the facets.

The day I bought the new body for my Mamiya and the attachment for my flash.

As we were leaving our pension, I noticed the mirror inside, in the entrance way, and so we have the mirror reflection, the reflection in the door pane and so layers. This was on 2011-10-22.

End of April, 2008 I picked Barbara up in Leipzig after a meeting. It took me ages to get to her, I must have driven around the inner city part of Leipzig n times, but finally we met. While wandering around, I noticed this antique store and this swell image was in front of me.